Please help me -Jesse

The Goodwill Cafe

This page contains information about a cafe that may or may not be fictional

A lovely family-owned cafe in the heart of New Mexico

Just south-east of Alburquerque, NM, you find our idyllic cafe. Our family has owned the cafe for three generations, and are still proud to serve high quality meals with the most amazing view.

We offer both breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, served with vegetables from our own garden.

Besides, we have captured Jesse, so if you want to see him alive, you must come tomorrow and try our breadsticks. They are out of this world. If you call the cops or try anything funny, we will force him to have drinks with grandma.

Special Sunday offer: Two Margherita pizzas for the price of three!

That’s right! This offer runs until the Sun sets 34 times after Easter Sunday.

A single Margherita pizza costs $5.25 and for only $15.75 you can get twice as much pizza! This deal is simply too good to be true, so please hurry before my wife finds out I made this offer.

If you’re here for Jesse, you are allowed to make use of this offer, if you meet the requirement stated earlier. Otherwise, he’s going to have fun without you. And we will end his life later ;)

Breakfast Menu

  1. Full American breakfast
  2. A fat stack of pancakes served with canadian maple syrup
  3. Toasted bread with butter and jam

Lunch Menu

  1. Grilled chicken breast served with a side of potato salad
  2. Smoked salmon in lemon sauce served with mashed peas
  3. Cheeseburger served with a side of french fries
  4. Lightly fried fish fillets served with a side of french fries

Dinner Menu

  1. T-bone steak in a classic southern oystersauce served with vegetables of the season
  2. Australian prawns served with mashed potatoes
  3. Soup of the day
  4. Margherita pizza

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards, Slippin’ Jimmy

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